Corporate Social Responsibility

Our core business is to bring entertainment and fun to our customers through responsible gaming.

Acting responsibly is one of our core business pillars and we strictly follow the rules and regulations of all jurisdictions we are licensed in. We proactively work with problem gambling and have continuous dialogue with other operators, authorities and different problem gambling organisations to jointly promote broad and effective assistance.

For some people gaming can turn into a problem due to spending too much time and/or money on it, and we are constantly working on developing our systems and techniques to identify, prevent and help customers that might be in need of any kind of support.

Customers who need immediate help with addiction issues should contact the Lifland Gaming customer service, which is staffed by industry professionals.

Contact here: [email protected]

Our employees have taken a mandatory training course in our organisation on responsible gaming and the opportunity to use our gaming brands for educational and work-related purposes only. The employees are not allowed to use any another gaming brands and this is written into our employment contracts.

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